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Real Estate

Residential and Commercial Transactions

It is vitally important to have legal guidance through a real estate transaction.  My breadth of experience gives clients an advantage in negotiating the unique challenges of each transaction.  

I handle all types of properties, including multi-million dollar single family homes, condominiums, apartment buildings, office buildings, farms and vacant land, for example.  

Property Tax Appeals

It's well known that property taxes in New Jersey are some of the highest in the nation.  Responsible ownership includes making sure that your property is taxed based on its' current value rather than an inflated value provided by the municipality.  I have extensive experience negotiating a lower assessment and how to use the evidence to present the most appropriate picture of the property value.

Reducing Property Tax Liabilities


Death is, unfortunately, inevitable.  You being prepared is the best way to help your loved ones after you are gone and to ease the burden on a grieving family. Having a Will setting out your final wishes is not only important to communicate, but necessary to distribute your assets and leave guardianship of minors in the manner in which you desire and not how the State dictates.  

Estate Planning and Management

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